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Beauty Business & Social Media Course


We are The Beauty experts

We offer you the most up to date theory, techniques and materials available. This course will ensure you are confident and prepared  to offer this successful service in your business. Click below to learn what's all included in this class.

Class Details

Beauty Business & Social Media Course

Course Description

This course is for anyone in the beauty industry (lash tech, hairstylist, nail tech, esthetician,
massage, makeup artist, etc.) that wants to build their business to the next level. W
ho wants to
double or triple there income, grow thei
r social media following, organize their business and set
some real and achievable goals?

In this one day in-person course we will go over the following topics:

  • How to set your business up correctly; taxes, EIN number, insurance, etc

  • How to get your first 30 clients in the door

  • What you should and shouldn’t have on client consent forms

  • How to name your business and brand it.

  • Discussing booking systems and why they are crucial to your business.

  • A list of manufacturers to brand retail products.

  • Helping you pick a theme for your business

  • Tips on how to find products and choose the right company to work with.

  • Setting goals for your business and steps to achieve them.

  • How to get your clients to write reviews for you.

  • How to double your income in just two months.

  • How to figure out who your ideal client is

  • How to price out your services?

  • When do you raise your prices?

  • When should you do continued education?

  • How to set up your IG bio correctly

  • How to grow your SM pages fast, that has nothing to do with posting

  • Content calendar planning

  • Tips on how to post without stressing about hashtags, wording, etc

  • How to decide which SM to post to? IG, FB, Tiktok, You Tube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc

  • When to do your first LIVE?

  • Learning Reels, trending music, and why are they necessary

  • How often should you post to your page and to stories?

  • Finding a SM business partner and why they’re important.

  • How to utilize one post for multiple SM platforms.



I will be also provide 1:1 time for each person to go over specifics to their business.
This course is based on what I have learned and 
my experiences over

the past 10 years in the beauty industry.

**Class will be from 9am- 4pm with a 1 hour lunch break at noon.

Course Price: $597


"This class offers so much value! It's a must for opening your own business! "

- Past Class Participant

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