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Volume Course


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We offer you the most up to date theory, techniques and materials available. This course will ensure you are confident and prepared  to offer this successful service in your business. Click below to learn what's all included in this class.

Class Details

Volume Course

This is a one-day hands on course. You must have learned classic lashes prior to taking this course.

You will learn the difference between:

hand-made, pro-made, pre-made, self-blooming fans, and how to apply each one.


Also included in the course:

  • Who your ideal client is for volume lashes.

  • How to price volume lashes on your service menu

  • Lash mapping with volume lashes

  • The difference between width and diameter to help you choose the right volume lash set

You will get UNLIMITED models to work on.
This course includes $100 in lash supplies.


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