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Advanced Lash Course


We are The BEAUTY experts

We offer you the most up to date theory, techniques and materials available. This course will ensure you are confident and prepared  to offer this successful service in your business. Click below to learn what's all included in this class.

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Advanced Lash Course

This is a one day course that does require students to have already taken a basic lash course prior to this one.


In this hands on course you will learn;
-All the ways to create volume lashes
-The difference between hand made, pre made, pro made, and easy fans.

-Lash mapping to create wispy, wet look, L-curl.
-How to decide the best eye shapes to create each look on
-How to add colored and glitter lashes and gems.
-The best tapping methods to help you create these looks.
-How to advertise these new lash styles to your clients
-What to do when your client has an allergic reaction
-How to do a lash allergy test
-What products can help a lash allergy


What does it include:
At the beginning of class you will receive a advanced lash kit that includes:
-A set of 3 tweezers
-The best tape for lashing
-Lash bonder with Microswabs to apply
-A tray of pre mades, pro mades, hand mades, and easy fans.
-A tray of colored, and glitter lashes.
-Our favorite sensitive glue
-A nano mister
-A mannequin head
-Practice lashes
-A sample of eye drops
-A practice worksheet
Photos of your training will be sent to you to post on your Social media.
-A list of vendors to order supplies in the future.
-10% discount on TBR supplies and other courses.


Upon completion of course you will receive a certification that you have completed The
Advanced Lash Course with The Beauty Room

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