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Our Policies


 Classes are limited and each spot is important to our students. We have implemented a policy to help ensure our students get the best training available for their investment.  


  • If a student “No shows” or has to cancel last minute, they forfeit their deposit down. They are able to reschedule one time to another class date, in the case of an emergency as long as their is availability.

  • Students must understand their is no refund on the training or supplies given. 

  • Students must provide their own models needed to work on during class. 

  • Students  must attend the full training required to be certified. 

  • Students understand that by completing training  at The Beauty Room, it does not guarantee employment nor is liable for any consequential damages resulting, in whole or part, from the trainee’s use of, or reliance upon the provided material and training.

No part of this training material may be reproduced, transmitted or used except as permitted by or agreed to by written consent from The Beauty Room LLC. 

FAQ's about "Installment Plans" such as: Vagaro Pay Later, Paypal Buy Now Pay Later, Afterpay

These sites are third party sites which allow you to finance your classes within certain payments. Payment plans vary depending on which vendor you choose to use. A few things to know as you decide how to purchase and pay for your Beauty Room classes! 


  • When booking your class and checking out, if you choose one of the third party vendors you will be directed to their site.

  • You will be asked to create a customer account with any of these vendors as you are choosing to finance your class.

  • The Beauty Room does not dictate or set any of these third party vendors policies or plans. 

  • Please look carefully at rates, plans and other terms when choosing a vendor to finance with.

Training Classes

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